Monday, April 21, 2014

yes, im still here!

its been way too long since I've last wrote on this site and not for lack of trying just a simple lack of...

I have been busy with well life and such and the fact that my laptop died shortly after I moved and my tablet way before that, you can see why I haven't tried to reconnect electronically.

but life is good!!!!

really good in fact, I love my job as a Para and I really enjoy working with my kindergarten class. The only sucky thing is getting used to being paid twice a month over the every two weeks at the old job. But the pay is soooooooo much better just need to work on my budgeting.

I love my families new place. Its spacious, gathers so much light, and dots welcoming. Its not just a spot for us to call a home but this is home until we find a complete space of out own. I bought bedroom furniture and a new tv, both of which I was holding off until I found a space of my own. But I am definitely enjoying my purchases.

I have some product reviews to write about alikay and on my most recent protective style. things with the nephew deserve a post of their own!

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